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Unveiling Excellence:

Designers Australia Awards

of Merit Announcement.

Mark your calendar for an event that promises to inspire - the Designers Australia Awards of Merit Announcement on Thursday, August 31st. It celebrates innovation and creativity, where exceptional projects take the stage.

One project that shines bright in this spotlight results from a collaboration between the esteemed QUT School of Civil Engineering, the visionary School of Design,

and the Wowme Design agency. 🚀 Together, they've combined their talents to craft a project to reshape the future.

🌉 A Fusion of Expertise: QUT School of Civil Eng, School of Design, and Wowme Design In response to a challenge from the Queensland Government's Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), these creative powerhouses have joined forces. The QUT School of Civil Engineering and the School of Design bring their expertise in research, while Wowme Design adds their unique design touch to the collaboration.

👥 Meet the Visionaries Behind the Project:

  • Ben Donnelly

  • Andrew Peterson

  • Anton Ruckman (WOWME Design)

  • Kevin Cocks

  • Alex Bubke from TMR

  • Alex Paz

  • Rafael Gomez

  • James Dwyer

  • Andrew Peterson

  • Dan Cook

  • Khoa Tran

🚗 Project Spotlight:

AAV - Accessible Autonomous Vehicle At the heart of this endeavour is a commitment to addressing the challenges faced by people with disabilities (PwDs). These challenges impact their physical, financial, and emotional well-being due to limited mobility and social inclusion. The focal point is an accessible autonomous vehicle, a groundbreaking solution that opens doors to medical care, employment opportunities, and social integration, benefiting PwDs and the broader community.

Purpose and Impact: This ambitious project seeks to establish pioneering design principles for accessible autonomous vehicles, fostering inclusivity beyond transportation. By informing policy and investment decisions tied to TMR's Accessibility and Inclusion Strategy & Action Plan, this initiative is poised to redefine accessibility and inclusiveness in our society.

The anticipation is building as we approach the date. Join us in celebrating the collaborative spirit, creativity, and dedication that have given life to this transformative project. Stay tuned for the upcoming August 31st event with excitement and enthusiasm! 🌈🏆

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