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Product Design
Mechanical Engineering

We offer Product Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Prototyping services. Our designers create the look and feel of your product, engineers optimize its functionality, and prototyping helps us test and refine it. Together, we turn your ideas into high-quality, market-ready products.

Supply Chain


Great product design is manufacturable product design, so WOWME takes on every project with replication in mind. Through our extensive supply chain and access to both domestic and international manufacturing resources, we can take in house built and tested prototypes through full production. Efficiency, quality, and sustainability are paramount at every level.


3D Visualisation
Graphic Design
Web Design 


Behind every great product is a strong identity. Our visual and graphic design teams collaborate to digitally craft your product’s mission with digital rendering, motion graphics, and web and app design to bring your product to life. Our teams also create a seamless packaging experience that will reduce costs and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Every project has a story to tell, and it’s our job to ensure it’s told beautifully.


Product Strategy


As collaborators who intimately understand every detail of your product and your brand, we’re well-suited to create a custom-tailored go-to-market strategy to ensure the success of a product’s launch. From product design strategy to brand identity development, to getting on the market, we use our industry expertise to create a plan that is best suited for our client’s and their consumers needs.

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