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Design is creativity with strategy.

We are using the 5-step Process

and Milestone Packages that lead

to the cost-effective development

of products or service solutions.

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The Discovery stage is when the service design and the delivery process start.

The purpose of Discovery is to get a deep understanding of the problems users are trying to solve. It helps the team challenge their existing ideas of what the problem and solution might be.

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During the Define stage, we put together the information we have created and gathered during the Discovery stage. This is where we will analyse our observations and synthesise them in order to define the core problems that will be solved.

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Generate a range of crazy, creative ideas, everything is valid at this stage. The design team will now produce a number of concepts and of inexpensive, scaled-down versions of the product or specific features found within the product and investigate the problem solutions generated in the previous stage.


Build real, tactile representations for a range of your ideas. A Design Development is a design and engineering work process, normally based on Basic Engineering information to develop a Detailed Design and Engineering document for construction. This is a transitional phase of a design team/engineering team services in which the design moves from the schematic phase to the contract document phase. In this phase, we prepare drawings and other presentation documents to crystallize the design concept and describe it in terms of aesthetics, materials, electrical, mechanical, and structural systems. In addition, we also prepare a statement of the probable project cost.


During this stage, we will return to our users' feedback to refine our solutions and make them better. Prepare all documentation and product specifications for the sampling and manufacturing phase.

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