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Congratulations, Drew Daly, on your impressive start with us!

We're genuinely thrilled to have you on board and are delighted to see the positive impact you're already making. Your dedication and talent are evident, and it's wonderful to witness your contributions shaping our projects.

It's important to acknowledge the unique perspective that women bring to industrial design. Your input adds a valuable dimension to our work, enriching our creative process with fresh ideas and insights.

As you continue to grow in your role, know that your efforts are deeply appreciated. Your creativity and contributions play a significant role in our team's success, and we're excited to see how your journey with us unfolds.

Keep up the great work, Drew. We're here to support you every step of the way! #industrialdesign #womenindesign #creativity #diversity #inclusion #teamwork #achievement #wil #program #qut #collaboration


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