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A big round of applause for Walter Wright, Flynn Williams, Drew Daly, and Elise Sawell, who have successfully completed their internships at Wowme Design! Your fantastic support on both the managerial and design process sides of our business has been invaluable. Your dedication, creativity, and hard work have truly made a difference.

You worked directly with clients and suppliers, providing vital support and building strong relationships. Your thorough research efforts have significantly supported our product development, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of innovation. Additionally, you mastered the use of CAD software, contributing to real design projects with impressive proficiency and skill.

Your contributions have not only enhanced our projects but have also demonstrated your potential to excel in the design industry. We have been incredibly fortunate to have you on our team, and your impact will be felt long after your internship.

Thank you, Walter, Flynn, Drew, and Elise, for all your hard work and dedication. We wish you all the best in your future careers. We know you'll continue to excel and achieve great things!

Best of luck and keep in touch!


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