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is an end-to-end IoT & AI-based solution

SmartClean is an end-to-end IoT & AI based solution, bringing intelligence to Facilities with connected sensors and intelligent algorithms, enabling data-driven Cleaning operations for increased productivity and improved service quality.


Providing a game-changing approach to Facility cleaning, the solution offers real-time monitoring of the facilities via an array of sensors. Providing useful customer feedback modules and monitoring everything from air quality and wetness levels to usage patterns, SmartClean uses intelligent algorithms to evaluate and rate cleanliness, in order to alert cleaners of issues, so they can be resolved quickly and efficiently without delay.


Using machine learning and AI technology, the collected data allows the AI to learn the usage patterns of the facility and based on this, propose manpower requirements, strategic downtimes and required inventories, to optimize its management and make dramatic time and cost savings, while improving the overall customer experience. This technology is disruptive, favoring a leaner pay-per-clean operation model, and is available via subscription, making it not only affordable, but also likely to provide companies with serious long-term cost savings.


The lid with thread and O-ring to provide IP 57 rate.


The silicone cup works as a connector between the device and any standard tank/bottle opening


Patented SmartClean IoT/AI system observing environment through the protected lenses



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